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Here we go again!

   Looks like another whole month devoid of the beautiful art of tattooing... at least in a physical sense. I’m still sending out gift cards to those that want to prepay for appointments and as actual gifts and am also currently working to set up an online store! But, unfortunately I can’t Tattoo at least until the 1st of May :( SO!, we’ll have to reschedule for now if your appointment falls on a ‘Rona day. Rest assured I will work with you as best as possible if you have any difficulty rescheduling below. I definitely need to make up some days so special times will be available to accommodate for the rescheduling period if needed. Thanks so much for working with me and I look forward getting back to your beautiful piece!


   Also, if you have a first appointment that is needing to be rescheduled and are looking forward to your drawing, no worries! You’ll still get to see it by the original scheduled date!