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For starters: Thank you for choosing me as your tattoo artist. This form can be used as a guideline for the tattoo process. It will help you know what to expect, when to expect it as well as establish my creative license when working with you as a client. In addition to serving as a general guideline this form also is meant to serve as a FORMAL CONTRACT and by signing to it you, as a client, agree and acknowledge that I retain creative and artistic control during the sketching and tattooing process.

A one of a kind tattoo becomes a unique process each time I begin a new piece. That being said, in order to create and execute a piece to it’s fullest potential it must be understood that a quality piece inevitably takes quality time. Please read the following contract and initial/sign where necessary. The last page contains questions that are designed to help me best understand your tattoo concept and goal. Please answer them fully and attach pictures where requested.


2702 1/2 N. Proctor St. Apt. A 

985-242-0666 lucas@blackbisontattoo.com




Appointments, once made, MUST be kept. Every tattoo takes hours of preparation so last minute cancellations should be avoided. IF an emergency or situation arises that prevents you from making your appointment, a 48 hr. notice must be given via email; if immediate, please call the number provided. If the 48 hr. notice is not met, an ADDITIONAL deposit will be required upon the next appointment.

Please show up on time for your scheduled appointment. If I am late or need to reschedule, I will contact you via the phone number you have provided or through email. Please let me know ASAP if you will be late via the phone number provided at the bottom of our initial email. 

Please EAT before or bring food with you! Snacks will help keep your blood sugar high which is good for managing pain. Sometimes it may be hard to predict the duration of the tattoo, so please clear your schedule for the day so there is no need to rush. Breaks will be provided as needed. You may also bring your own Pillow, towel, Blanket, or anything else that appropriately provides you comfort. Please dress to your comfort level but make sure there is nothing obscuring the tattoo area or anything that will cause issues during the tattoo process.




At the time of your tattoo appointment you can expect to see a rendered drawing of your tattoo (unless previously discussed). Clients often request constant updates of the drawing. This cannot be done simply due to time constraints and the non-linear nature of my drawing process. Rest assured I will contact you if there are any questions, concerns, ideas or additions/subtractions concerning your tattoo or appointment. Changes to final drawing will be made on a case by case basis. Many times, the idea I end up choosing for your tattoo will be the best option for you as a client. This is where trusting years of my experience comes in. If its a simple color palette suggestion or something of the like, I’d be open to consideration.




Your (NON-REFUNDABLE) deposit is meant to serve as an appointment placeholder and guarantee of tattoo completion. It will be deducted from the final price of your tattoo on your last appointment. Deposit payment can be made with Cash, Card, or Digital Payment (with admin fee) in the amount directed below:


Deposit Pricing

 $100:Hands-Feet-Shoulder-Palm Size

$250: Head-Neck-(1/2)Chest-Upper & Lower Back-(1/2)Ribs- (1/2)Arm/Leg-Stomach

$350: (3/4)Arm/Leg-Full Abdomen-Full Ribs

$500: Full Back-Arm-Leg-Torso


Session Pricing

-I will have Half Day and Full Day appointments and a Back-to-back Special

-1/2 Day (3-4Hrs) @ $800 (+tax)

-Full Day (5-6Hrs) @ $1200 (+tax)

-2 Full Days back-to-back @ $2000 (+tax)


Payment is expected IN FULL at the end of each tattoo session. I accept Cash, or Card. At least 10.1% state tax can be assumed throughout the tattoo process.




Please select either: BLACK & GRAY OR COLOR

Location on body (ex: inner bicep, upper thigh, ribcage): Size in inches (ex: 5”x5”):

Budget: $_________.00

Give a brief description of the desired image and concept:

Please provide at least 3-5 NON-TATTOO reference images (with each photo point out what you like about each image). Sources for your images can range from google searches, pinterest, instagram etc...

Please provide at least 3-5 images of tattoo styles/designs for how you envision your tattoo artwork




Dermal Wrap:

In many instances, I prefer to use a self adhesive dermal wrap. Many brands include Second Skin, Tegaderm, Saniderm, View Gaurd, etc. If this is the case, in my experience, leaving the wrap on for 4-6 days, without draining the natural fluid that our bodies create to promote healing, yeilds the best results depending of course on your skin type. In some cases, though rare, people may experience an allergic reaction to the adhesive depending on skin type and brand of bandage used. I will only use products that I have used on myself and strive to create the best possible conditions for healing. The rest will be up to the client. Please understand that after you leave the shop, it will be your responsibility to create an environment for safe healing and a tattoo that will last a lifetime.

In the event that your bandage becomes unadhesed or if you’re having issues with the wrap during your healing process (ANYTHING!), please contact me as soon as you are able to in order to not interrupt the healing process! In the meantime, do not panic, as it is usually never a life or death situation. Clean the area as best as possible by following the cleaning instructions below and try and keep the area free of potential infection by using basic common sense.


 Classic Method:

In the event that you have to heal your tattoo without the wrap or if your wrap has been compromised please follow these simple instructions:



*Skin grade coconut oil or other all natural salve

(DO NOT USE AQUAPHOR!!!!! I cannot stress this enough. Many times when a tattoo comes back healed poorly or faded it is due to the misuse of this product. I DO NOT recommend using it to heal your tattoo. Aquaphor and brands alike use a petroleum base that works by filling in the pores of the skin as protection. The problem is, when you do this, your tattoo can no longer heal properly and “breathe”, causing possible issues such as ingrown hairs or ink extracted from the pores. This appears as if the ink is lighter where there is a hair follicle. )

*Antibacterial liquid hand soap *Disposable paper towel

In the shower or over a sink, wash your tattoo with clean hands using liquid antibacterial hand soap using the hottest water you can stand. When done washing, let air dry or pat dry with a clean paper towel. DO NOT reuse this paper towel or regular shower or sink towels, as this can cause contamination and cross-contamination. After you have gently washed your tattoo and have allowed to fully dry for at least 20 minutes, apply an all natural salve mentioned above. Again, DO NOT use Aquaphor, A&D, Neosporin, or Alcohol. YOU MAY use any product you have either A. Used before, or B. Is specifically advertised by the company as a safe tattoo aftercare product. You must repeat these steps twice a day; at least once in the morning and once at night for a span of approximately 1.5 - 2 weeks until the tattoo is fully acclimated to its environment.

DO NOT keep plastic wrap on longer than instructed

DO NOT let pets or children near a healing tattoo even if its cute

DO NOT pick at your tattoo. If this occurs, it will be evident and I will charge you for the time it takes to return the tattoo to workable condition

DO NOT share salve even with family members

DO NOT listen to your friends when they tell you how to “properly care for your tattoo”. This can reverse the process that we have started and could lead down a path of darkness



The Private Studio is located in the Proctor District here in Tacoma, Washington BETWEEN Pacific Northwest Gifts and The Proctor Mercantile at 2702 (1/2) N. Proctor St. 98407 UPSTAIRS in suite A; last door on the right.

You may PARK on the street on Proctor street in one of the designated timed spots or on 27th street in 2HR parking or just opposite, with no limit, if spots are available. Otherwise safe neighborhood parking is available as well.