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Black Bison and Covid-19

Greetings from Lucas here at Black Bison! 

As most of you have seen, the state has mandated that all “non-essential” business’s close down until at least March 31st, if not longer. They also specifically outlaw tattooing. If your appointment falls within that date, we can make arrangements to reschedule or simply wait until your next appointment. Believe me, I am super bummed out about this just as much as you are but we will all get through this following these quarantine guidelines. I wanted to be the guy that still tattooed in private but honestly, I don’t think that would be very responsible. Let’s not think about ourselves during this time, lets think about our neighbors and do the best we can to keep each other safe! See you all post apocalypse! 


Meanwhile, if you are one of those fortunate few who still has a paying job, I will be selling gift certificates and other merch as time goes on! Please follow my Instagram or keep a lookout on my website for any posts or changes!